Art from the Regionale 2006

As part of the Regionale 2006 event and the associated redesign of the Müngsten Bridge Park, artists and sculptors were also involved in the project with their works. Even ten years later, the stories of the Müngsten Riddle still surprise us, and we can discover mottos chiselled into the rocks between Burg and Müngsten and unique stone resting places.

The Müngsten Riddle

The artist Ulrike Böhme created the Müngsten Riddle as a special information system for the Müngsten Bridge Park: visitors can find and solve a total of ten riddles throughout the park, from the parking lot on the road Solinger Strasse all the way to the transport bridge. When you stand with both feet on the metal riddle panels, you can hear not only the answer but also an exciting story about animals, long-gone houses and people who once lived here, or the Müngsten Bridge itself.

The starting point for all riddles is in the park on the slope opposite Haus Müngsten, where you can find not only an information panel about the Müngsten Riddle, but a copy of each of the riddle panels scattered throughout the park.

More information on the artist Ulrike Böhme and her projects

Rock poetry

Those who come to the “Zwerksklippen” formations or cross the stream Windhagener Bach at the ford can find strange mottos chiselled in the stone, such as, “If you see two dwarfs dancing in the moonlight, you can pick stars.” They were conceived and executed during the Regionale 2006 by the artist Billie Erlenkamp. Under the title “Landschaft erzählt” (“Landscape tells a story”), the stone mason and sculpture Tina Hüben hammered these mottos in the rock on both sides of the Wupper-Wanderweg trail.

Billie also design the “experience walks” that bind the towns of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal (and remain an experience today!) together with landscape architect Martina Hoff.

More information on the artist Billie Erlenkamp and her projects

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