Stone sculptures by Berthold Welter

Is that a giant caterpillar there in the hollow of those rocks? And are those oversized snails scattered there over the forest floor?

Stone sculptures
Stone sculpture

Walkers in the woods between Müngsten and Wiesenkotten are taken by surprise by strange creatures – created of stone, iron or wood, they remind us of animal or plant life from another world. They awaken our curiosity, draw our attention and stimulate our imaginations. In harmony with the countryside, nature is transformed into an artistic space, granting us a new perspective on the nature of the FFH.

The local artist Berthold Welter has created five installations between Müngsten and Burg for visitors to experience and enjoy. But they are also intended to guide the flow of visitors. By focusing the attention of the visitors to this nature preserve on the astounding “petrified” beings, they aim to protect the sensitive biotopes nearby or help secure danger points.

More information on the artist Berthold Welter and his projects

You can download a history of the possible creation of the sculptures beyond the transfer bridge as a PDF file here (not in English).

  • BSMW
  • EU
  • Solingen
  • Remscheid
  • Umweltministerium NRW

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