Welcome to the Wupper Valley

The wild brooks rushing down between rugged crags and mighty beech forests,
The call of the lightning-fast kingfisher as it flies through the steep-cut valley of the Wupper,
The dance of hunting bats beneath the lacy steel structure of Germany’s highest railroad bridge

You can experience all this in a European-class nature reserve located between Schloss Burg castle and Müngsten Bridge. Here, where the cities of Remscheid, Solingen und Wuppertal come together, it is still possible to discover a slice of wild, romantic nature.

With this website, we invite you to explore the extraordinary Fauna-Flora Habitat “Wupper von Leverkusen bis Solingen”, experience its unique nature, historically significant places and old grinding workshops and join us in helping to protect the rare plant and animal species that dwell here.

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