Cycle route Bergischer Panoramaradweg between Müngsten and Burg

The long-distance cycle route “BergischerPanoramaradweg” traverses the nature reserve between Müngsten and Burg. When the weather is dry, you can cross the Wupper from the Solingen to the Remscheid side via the transport bridge at the end of the Müngsten Bridge Park, and there are virtually no grades to overcome in the section between Müngsten Bridge and Unterburg. If the transport bridge is not operating (e.g. because of rain) however, cyclists must cross to the Remscheid bank directly in Müngsten via the B 229 trunk road and from there ride to the cycle path paralleling the Wupper via a very hilly section.

Experiencing nature

On the waterside section of the cycle route between Müngsten Bridge and Unterburg, you can experience not only the near-natural Wupper and observe waterfowl such as cormorants and gray herons on the wing in their habitat, but also experience impressive rocky crags. The layers of the rock formations making up the Rhenish Slate Mountains, many millions of years old, can be glimpsed clearly even when riding past. The systems of crevasses and hollows provide valuable habitats for rare ferns and mosses, as well as for bats and salamanders.

At the spring Schildsiepen, hardy cattle have been set to graze on a species-rich wetland meadow between the route and the Wupper for some years now, in an effort to suppress invasive species such as touch-me-not and Japanese knotweed. At Wiesenkotten, a short side route leads across the river, enabling a rest break at the historic workshop before continuing on to Unterburg.

The numerous steep up-and-down tracks also make this an attractive area for mountain bikers.

Only cycle on declared routes

To protect nature, we ask that you use only marked routes within the nature reserve. “Shortcutting” is not allowed. So that cyclists, horseback riders and hikers can all enjoy the tranquility of this area, we ask that you cycle courteously, defensively and at an appropriate speed. Cyclists should not use the hiking trail on the Solingen side between the transport bridge and Wiesenkotten, as pedestrians have right of way on the narrow and visibility-limited climb, which also includes a stairway to the “Zwergsklippen” cliffs.

A note on the route condition

As the many tiny springs beside the route can soak short stretches, caution is advised when cycling this route particularly in winter at below-freezing temperatures.

Information on the Bergischer Panoramaradweg (section 4)

Information on access and cycle paths in general in Solingen

Information on current tours of the German cyclist organisation Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub and general cycling information

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