The Wupper Valley between Burg and Müngsten is one of the region’s most popular hiking areas, so descriptions abound. The following is merely a selection of some possible hikes.

Nature experience hiking paths

The three suggested hiking routes of Biologische Station Mittlere Wupper emphasise experiencing nature. These round-trip tours enable hikers to experience the variety of forest types, natural flowing water as well as historical relics such as the Galapa Rampart.

The routes are described in a folding nature-experience map of the FFH between Burg and Müngsten, which may be obtained from Biologische Station Mittlere Wupper or downloaded in PDF format.

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nature-experience map [pdf]

Bergischer Weg

In recent years, a long-distance trekking route through Bergisches Land has been blazed, which places special emphasis on near-natural paths with a minimum of paved sections. This continuous route passes by numerous historical structures that bring to life the Bergisches Land region and its typical cultural landscape. One part of this is the route “Bergischer Weg”, the fourth section of which passes through the habitat reservation between Burg and Müngsten.

Bergischer Weg

Paths of tradition

For decades, the regional mountaineering club Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein (SGV) has been marking hiking trails, and offers regular hiking events in conjunction with its local sections. For this nature preserve at the intersection of the cities of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal as well, the SGV has marked numerous trails.

Information on SGV hiking trails and guided hikes

Poetic hiking with the Wupper Tells

Those wishing a unique and revealing guided tour of the habitat with a “Wupper-Tell”, a trained nature story-telling guide, can obtain detailed information on event dates and booking tours at the website www.wupper-tell.de.

Tourist information

More information on places to eat and other leisure offerings in and near the Müngsten Bridge Park and Schloss Burg is available on the joint website of the cities of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal


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