Experiencing nature without barriers

As an initial orientation for visitors arriving at the Müngsten Viaduct Park, a barrier-free information panel with a tactile map of the park is located at the bus stop island, providing an overview of the park’s infrastructure and offerings.

The topographic model in the plaza between Haus Müngsten and Schaltkotten conveys a three-dimensional impression of the valley between Müngsten and Burg.

The app “Brückenpark Müngsten” enables you to explore the Viaduct Park and its historically significant locations and structures of interest as well as the spectacular natural surroundings. It can be operated via voice-over and has a compass function that shows the distance and direction of the various locations in the Bridge Park and supports orientation via vibration, visual or acoustic signals.

Barrier-free tours can be booked with the Wupper-Tells nature experience guides at

The hiking path from the Müngsten Viaduct Park via the transport bridge across the Wupper and from there to Burg is largely incline-free and navigable for strollers and wheelchairs. The bus 687 shuttles between Müngsten and Burg on weekends.

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